Saturday, June 7, 2008

Persimmon and passionfruit sorbet

Persimmon and Passionfruit Sorbet
Persimmons are an Autumn fruit almost past their best now that Winter is here. You can pick up a tray of really squashy persimmons for a few dollars at the market right now and these are perfect for making sorbet. I know the weather is cold, but this sorbet has a creamy texture too good to miss no matter how cold it is!  
For me the subtle flavour of persimmon can struggle to carry a sorbet alone, aren't we lucky that passionfruit are so good at the moment!

Don't bother to add eggwhite, this is perfect on its own; ice, fruit and sugar.

100 grams sugar
2 really squashy persimmon, seeds and stalk removed
Pulp of 3 passionfruit
700grams/4trays of ice cubes

Make sure your Thermomix bowl is dry and cold
Put your sugar in the Thermomix and pulverise on speed 9 for 6 seconds
Now add fruit and 3 1/2 trays of ice

This sorbet can get really thick, so hold back a half a tray of ice-cubes just to give the Thermomix a chance to get on top of the job. 

Pulverise on speed 10. Keep the machine running and after about ten seconds add the remaining ice through the lid and stir with the spatula as required to help incorporate into the mix. 

This process might take longer than the usual minute: keep going until the sorbet is churning smoothly without assistance. 

Turn out into a serving bowl and enjoy (in front of the heater)

Oh and the other 22 persimmons in the tray? 
Wash and freeze them whole, use them at your leisure. 
Perhaps persimmon and vanilla bean sorbet .

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