Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Savoury Steamed Custard

I saw this recipe in The Age Epicure last week and had wanted to prepare it for the family. Alas no-one seemed too thrilled about the idea of a savoury steamed custard except me (and I had my doubts as well) So tonight everyone else is sick, getting sick or getting better from being sick and I am left to prepare dinner for myself. I have decided to go ahead and make savoury custard for one.
I don't know why I had doubts, this was really good and quick to prepare... a lovely, simple pleasure. Thank-you to Elizabeth Chong for this recipe Age Epicure 26/9/2008.

Jenny Lee's Savoury Egg Custard (with a few small changes)
1 teaspoon dried shrimp
4 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
luke warm water
60 g minced pork
50g spring onion snipped into 4 cm lengths
Toasted sesame oil
Oyster sauce
250 grams of basmati rice
600-800 grams of brocolli florets (enough for four people)

Chop the shrimp on speed 10 for 5 seconds, then add the spring onion and chop on speed 6 for 2 seconds or until it is chopped finely.
Add your eggs, minced pork and 100ml water to the bowl, beat on speed 3 for 5 seconds
Pour the egg mixture into four individual ramekins or small bowls and rinse out your Thermomix bowl with cold water. 
Fill your Thermomix bowl with 900 grams of water. 
Add the basmati rice to your steamer basket, wash under the tap and place the basket in the TM bowl.
Fit the Varoma onto the top of the Thermomix. Place the ramekins into the Varoma, you will probably have to take out the tray and place them in the bottom section.
Cook on Varoma temperature for 15 minutes, taste the rice, it should be done and if so remove it to your Thermoserver.
Put as much broccoli as will fit in the now empty steamer basket and the remainder in the lower section of the Varoma with the ramekins and steam for a further 5 minutes.
When the custards are cooked, serve them up with a good sprinkling of toasted sesame oil and a dessertspoonful dollop of oyster sauce. Unlike every other oyster sauce I have looked at, housewife brand has nothing artificial in it, so I use that.
Serve with rice as part of a larger meal as Elizabeth suggests, or if you want to do it how I decided to have it... with a big bowl of steamed broccoli and a bowl of plain rice.
Simple pleasure. (Serves 4)


Thermomixer said...

The Varoma is wonderful for these steamed custards. I have done a Chris Manfield one and a couple of chawan mushi.
Did you have any problems with water dripping into the custards? I placed a few layers of paper towel over to protect the tops and I did the last couple at 100°C - I think the gentler temp made for a better result.
The yolkless eggs are just a very plain custard - sounds involved, but it's not.

Rick's Thermomix Blog said...

OK, I will check out Chawan Mushi and Chris Manfield. Yes the water did drip on my custard a little, but it seemed to disappear when I took the ramekins out of the Varoma. So that was good! Don't know if that would be OK with your more delicate ones though.
I might give it a go on a lower temp, but because I don't know any better, these were wonderful.
I made them again today and I really really do love them. This is my new favorite of the moment. I have another dish I am also in love with and I will get that posted soon. I think there is enough love to go round.
Thanks for the comments and advice they are always appreciated

Dani said...

this is a meal after my own heart. I just adore custards, especially savoury ones.

Rick's Thermomix Blog said...

Obviously we are of one mind Dani. After some talking with other savoury custard lovers, I have decided that this custard might need to be cooked at a lower temperature, I will get back in the kitchen and try it at 100˚ like Thermomixer suggests.